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[...] Chantal Bourgeois strikes a chord of artistic expression that could even propel her as one of the world's most significant creators. [...]

R. Bernier
Revue Parcours no 91

Lunettes Chantal" is simply a filter of curiosity and wonder.

Biography and artistic approach

Montreal-based artist and photographer Chantal Bourgeois stands out for her keen interest in textures and the impact of time on materials. Through her work, she reveals the hidden poetry of everyday objects and scenes, capturing details ranging from the banal to the extraordinary. This approach is in keeping with her philosophy of life, that of living with "eyes wide open".

In 2006, her "Carnet urbain" series highlighted her ability to transform ordinary images into works of art, inviting the public to share her unique vision.

Her introduction to sailing, around 2007, enriched her artistic palette, leading to the creation of the "Carnet marin" series. This series explores the maritime universe, going beyond the sailing season and diving below the waterline of boats.

In 2017, she presented "Slapshot", a series capturing the poetry of outdoor rink boards.

Her next exhibition, entitled "VOIR", will offer a panorama of her works from various notebooks. Among them, the public will discover "Carnet de glace", an in-depth exploration of ice rinks, and for the first time, the "Carnet marin" series.

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Photo credit Jean Marois

Past and future exhibitions

Galerie ESPACE, Montreal
Paper Fair
L'Arsenal, Montreal
Galerie ESPACE, Montreal
Urban notebook
Galerie ESPACE, Montreal


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